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The CARBY Corporation is a
state-of-the-art manufacturing facility committed to all aspects of manufacturing excellence . . . and as such is a leading innovator in the manufacture of precision deep drawn metal components.

Since 1942 the company has served a broad spectrum of industries, including defense, automotive, fiber optic, medical, writing instrument, electronic control, aerospace, and test probes, as well as military and commercial connector producers.

CARBY is unique in its service in that it can supply both miniature and large drawn precision metal parts from 0.150" to 3.500" in length, gauges from 0.003" to 0.060", and diameters from 0.030" to 1.800".

CARBY offers both engineering and design assistance. These services often result in a more functional and less costly drawn metal component. The company routinely offers alternatives to more costly multi-piece assemblies and expensive screw machine designs. Proposal drawings using the company's CAD system allows customers to view all parameters of CARBY's deep drawn process and design of a proposed part.

All aspects of the production process are linked to a comprehensive manufacturing-based computer system. This system provides instant information regarding inventory, shipment dates, material availability, delivery status, part number, revision level verification, and more. Utilization of this system assists the company in meeting customer JIT requirements and provides a timely response to customer inquiries.

CARBY Total Quality Control Network provides a prevention based inspection system. This system satisfies ISO and QS 9000 requirements and encompasses all departments and functions from suppliers to engineering, from production and quality control to shipping ... thereby providing total lot control and full traceability. Statistical Process Control is utilized to determine ongoing process capability. When requested, SPC data is provided to satisfy customer quality requirements. All gauges and equipment are calibrated to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

CARBY maintains comprehensive in-house tooling departments. Capabilities include CNC turning, carbide die production, heat treating, and precision grinding to ensure rapid order attention and parts quality.

Utilizing state-of-the-art tool steels, coatings, and carbides for maximum cost effectiveness and parts repeatability, the company employs the latest technologies in all aspects of its work to guarantee tooling efficiencies and to meet production schedules.

CARBY quality culture and long history of documented on-time delivery have earned customer loyalty year after year in all markets served.

Manufacturing excellence based on skills, capabilities, and the latest technology comprise the company's daily regimen for success. Always at your service, we welcome your inquiries and extend an invitation to visit our new 50,000-square-feet facility.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification
This Quality Management System is applicable to:
Precision deep drawn metal components for
various industries and metal types.

The CARBY Corporation
1121 Echo Lake Road
Post Office Box 427
Watertown, CT 06795-1600
Ph: 860-274-6741 -- Fax: 860-274-6744

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