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Metalstamp, Inc. is a full service metal stamping company located in Channahon, Illinois, just 35 miles southwest of the Chicago metropolitan area.

Metalstamp focuses on every design detail of your project. Metalstamp engineers evaluate your design and pay special attention to design modifications to provide potential cost advantages with reduced tooling, multiple up-tooling, aggressive part nesting, and cost effective material usage.

Metalstamp, Inc. welcomes the challenge to produce an accurate prototype of the part you need. The creation of a prototype will often alert designers to potential costly tooling and production problems.

Tool Room
Metalstamp's toolroom utilizes "the best of the best" to create your custom designed and assembled die.

Their tool room incorporates a grinding department that uses the most up-to-date grinding equipment to assure the ultra-precision of their high-speed dies.

The Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) at Metalstamp, Inc. makes use of today's EDM technology to produce the most accurate and cost-effective progressive dies. This department is well equipped with multiple EDM machines to reduce tooling lead time. Their highly trained personnel work quickly and accurately, paying close attention to every detail as they handle intricate and often multi-functional EDM processes.

The tool room also offers:
  • Complete operation from precise electronic files
  • High tech machining centers and EDM areas
  • Sophisticated technology for ultra-accurate progressive die work
  • Continuous training and education of skilled personnel
Sensor Technology
Metalstamp uses the latest technology in Die Detection Systems including:
  • Sensory detection of the most minute structure variation
  • Capable of in-die measurement of critical dimensions
  • Ensures longevity of die life
  • Prevents high cost repairs and re-tooling
  • Provides consistent high quality production parts
Press Operation
  • 30 to 180 ton straight-sided presses with cycle times up to 1200 strokes per minute
  • Electronic Roll Feeds - reduces set time and prevents misfeeds
  • Parts can be supplied recoiled for high volume automated manufacturing systems.
Quality Assurance
Because Metalstamp makes Quality Assurance a top priority, product quality is continuously monitored:
  • On-going visual and dimensional checks completed and documented
  • Statistical process control system
  • Full submission packages include "Potential failure Mode & Effects Analysis" and "Process Control Plan"
  • "Process and Material Certifications" documented to ensure total traceability, if necessary
  • Integrated high speed vision systems synchronized with press controls are utilized to search for any changes in the tamping tolerance limits.
  • Certified to IATF 16949:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Metalstamp, Inc.
6800 E. Minooka Road
Minooka, IL 60447
Ph: 815-467-7800 -- Fax: 815-467-7838

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