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Strand Products, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high tolerance precise wire rope cable assemblies. Strand Products Inc., of Santa Barbara CA, has been in the wire rope business since 1972. We supply not only assemblies and hardware, but provide a variety of peripheral services to all our customers in a number of industries including the Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial, Military, Crane/Lift, Marine, Lighting, Seismic, Structural, and Recreational Industries. Whether you have a functional design, or only a vague concept, our engineering staff will support you with design and testing assistance to aid you into production in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Wire rope is comprised of individual filaments or wires, bundled together to form strands. Strands are optimal for abrasion resistant applications. The strands are helically wound together with other strands to form cables.

Strand Products specializes in the design and production of cable assemblies for both the Original Equipment Manufacturer and the end user. Assembly designs vary from standard tensioning members, to self retracting cables, to sheathed push-pull control cables. Cables are used in brake or clutch assemblies, hoisting/lifting, and rigging, aerospace control cables, and push /pull cables to name a few. Applications range from door stops and latch control cables, to miniature cable assemblies that actuate motion of surgical instruments, to precise tensioning cables for booms deployed in space.

Strand Products offers a full range of assembly services to Medical OEM's in order to produce innovative and cost-effective products. At the core of Strand Products is its quality program which relies on training, pride of workmanship, and the most sophisticated tools in the industry. From simple parts to the most complex assemblies, Strand is dedicated to producing documented quality medical assemblies, on time, at a competitive price.

To better service its Medical customers, Strand installed a class 10,000 clean room dedicated to fabricating unique cable assemblies for the Medical Device Community. The clean room includes swaging machines, high powered optical inspection equipment, special cutting systems which fuse cable ends, along with packaging and labeling equipment. Strands production capabilities include detailed procedures and comprehensive testing. From concept to production, Strand provides each and every customer with continual peripheral and comprehensive engineering support.

Product Examples
  • Tensioning Cables
  • Push/Pull Cables
  • Tissue Saw
  • Flexible Motion Controls Cables
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Load Cell Cables
  • Tungsten
  • Titanium- lightweight & strength
  • Vectran
  • Stainless 304, 316
  • Nitinol- Nickel-Titanium, shape memory wire
  • Carbon Steel and Galvanized
  • Brass

Assembly Capability
  • Automated flash cutting, including tungsten
  • Swaging of fittings and hypotubes
  • Load Testing and analysis
  • Ultra sonic cleaning
  • Medical suture attachment
  • Clean room packaging & packaging proof testing
Braided Cable Sizes
  • Uncoated: .003" to 7/32" diameter
  • Coated: Up to 3/16" diameter
Coating Capabilities
  • Custom coated cables with Nylon, FEP, PTFE, PVC, and Vinyl.

Solid and competent engineering is the cornerstone of Strand Products' operation. We offer engineering customer support as a service to provide cost effective and reliable solutions to a wide variety of customer needs - however ambitious. Within the walls of Strand Products, our engineering staff is there to insure quality and integrity are built into everything we make. From documentation to production; conception to test, Strand Products engineers are there to insure everything we make is of the highest quality. The talented engineering staff at Strand brings expertise in design, cable swaging, and material sciences to include exotic materials which are unique to the Medical Device market. Strand is AS9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001:2015 certified, FDA Registered, and ISO 13485 for specific products.

Strand has the ability to assemble a wide variety of products, from electro-mechanical devices, to complex assemblies requiring detailed procedures and comprehensive testing. Strand offers cleaning and packaging services, including bar-coding and labeling.

Strand believes in supporting its most valuable asset - its customers. As such, Strand has determined to provide a range of peripheral services aimed at allowing the customer to write one PO and leave the rest to Strand.

  • Cleaning
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Documentation
  • Just In Time Shipments
  • Stocking Plans

Strand Products Incorporated
2233 Knoll Drive
Ventura, CA 93003
Ph: 800-343-7985 -- Fax: 800-343-7986

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