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RD Rubber Technology Corporation understands the responsibility associated with the parts manufactured. They serve vital industries where there can be no mistakes, where there is no margin for error and where trust is the most important commodity offer to customers.

RD Rubber Technology Corporation specializes in the precision molding of rubber products and component parts for OEMs in the medical, aerospace, military, electronic, and food equipment industries.

Lives literally depend on the precision quality of the parts, which is why they monitor quality from start to finish with proprietary systems and unparalleled focus. RD Rubber makes sure the quality systems exceed the most stringent demands of their customers, and their equipment features the most reliable technologies.

From prototype to production
When RD Rubber was founded there was a need in the market for small volume molding. They took on that challenge and successfully completed projects that most companies just "no bid" because there wasn't enough volume. Building upon a low volume niche, they have expanded the business to include a variety of high volume customers. RD Rubber found that by working closely with customers in the development phase they could assist in making prototypes, converting them into small production runs and ramping up to high volume full production.

RD Rubber matches options to your specific needs.
One of the traits that sets RD Rubber apart from the competition is the way they combine their expertise in engineering and manufacturing with vast resources. This brings exactly the right materials, and techniques to bear on your project.

  • Injection molding
  • Compression molding
  • Transfer molding
  • Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)

Liquid Silicone Rubber and custom formulation of all thermoset elastomeric materials (includes all silicone, fluorosilicone, fluorocarbon, and organic materials).

Engineering to exceed expectations.
Every step of the way.
RD Rubber engineers quality into every part starting with a professional approach to understand all customer requirements. Through concurrent engineering, they assist you in further development for manufacturability, materials selection, proper tolerancing and molding methods to suit your application and meet your exact specifications. RD Rubber exceeds customer's expectations through product development engineering, and knows how critical every part manufactured is to your success.

Custom Molded Rubber Components:
  • Clean room molding
  • Precision tolerances
  • Rubber-to-metal bonding
  • Grinding capabilities of rubber and metal
  • In-house deflashing
  • Materials testing capabilities
  • Complete product traceability

Inspection at RD Rubber is done at levels appropriate to your application. Their Quality system monitors every step of the process utilizing ISO 9002 Concepts, Military Specifications, & GMP Standards. Quality and Engineering Systems are ISO compliant.

Additional support equipment:
Cryogenic deflashing, post cure ovens, ultrasonic cleaning system, laminar flow bench parts drying (Class 100) specialized packaging.

How RD Rubber builds trust.
What you don't see can make all the difference, which is why their parts are so critical to the industries served. They earn the trust of their customers, many of whom have been with them since the beginning. RD Rubber goes through laborious, but important quality control procedures beyond the demands of their customers, and, makes sure that there are quality checkpoints at every development and production juncture.

RD Rubber will work hard to build your trust through:
  • Materials Consulting
  • Prototyping capabilities
  • Excellent service
  • Long term customers
  • Responsive to your scheduling needs
  • Total quality systems
  • Value added services
  • Concurrent engineering
  • 20 year track record

R D Rubber Technology Corp.
12870 E. Florence Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Ph: 562-941-4800 -- Fax: 562-941-1400

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