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About Senger and Associates

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Deep Drawn Metal Components
Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
Precision Springs
Precision Casted Parts
Stamping Technology
Aluminum Extrusion
Precision Miniature Aluminum Extrusions and Aluminum Tubing
Plastic Pressure Forming
Precision Rubber Molding
Cable Assemblies
Short-run Stampings

About Senger and Associates

Senger and Associates staffs a team of professionals to serve the OEM Industry throughout Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Western Wisconsin, and selected areas of Nebraska.

Steve Senger

Steve Senger has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and a MS degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of St. Thomas. He has been working for Senger and Associates since 1984 in outside sales, and in management of the company since 2000.

Steve Senger - Sales Engineer / President
Sales Territory: Twin Cities, Northern and Western MN, North and South Dakota, Nebraska
Phone: 651-633-6040

Teri Senger

Teri Senger started with Senger and Associates in 1995. Teri has a BA degree from the University of Minnesota. She has over twenty years direct sales and marketing experience to Original Equipment Manufacturers. This includes extensive background in business development, customer relations, key account sales and prospecting. In addition, two years as an internal quality trainer for Total Quality Management. Teri also spent three years with Hewlett Packard in R&D procurement.

Teri Senger - Sales Representative
Sales Territory: Twin Cities, Southern MN, Western WI
Phone: 651-633-6040

As representatives of Senger and Associates, we are creative consultants who help clients find solutions in a cost effective manner. By providing companies with ideas and solutions in today's challenging engineering environment, we serve both our clients and principals. We feel it is fun and exciting to explore the new applications in today's changing markets.

We have a teamwork approach best summed up by James Autry:

"I think the fundamental reason to create a partnership should never change. And that is the belief that by working together, sharing the risk, sharing the reward, and sharing creativity, innovation, and energy, the individual partners will have more success than if they tried it alone."